“Jaie… You are a flipping angel! I have never in my life been able to sing the way you helped me to.  … I couldn’t possibly go without you in my life. Not after this!  Best Coach!!!     – Nikki

“Since my wife started working with Jaie, I don’t sing at church anymore. I love hearing my wife sing!”  – Michael, husband of student after 6 months

“Three months ago, I never would have thought of being in [a musical] on Broadway.  Now, Yes!”  – Danny, after 3 months of sessions

“I wanted to THANK YOU for all your taught, inspired, and activated ! [I would like to add] how tremendously effective your teachings continue to be even in absentia, as I read some of your articles and techniques…”  – Shanna, 2011 VIP client

“Things just keep getting better and better and better!”  – Chris, client of 2 years

“It’s because of you that I know how to sing” – Sarah, preteen student

“My middle school choir director pointed to a bunch of us, told us we were tone deaf, and asked us to leave.  Now I keep wanting to say, ‘Listen to this!'”   – High school student (now in Select Choir) after 6 months of sessions



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