Over the past 30 years, I’ve dedicated myself to finding my own voice so that I can help other singers find theirs.  Most people sing out of habit, and have learned many things that are just plain incorrect.  They find a ‘trick’ that helps them get the note or sound like someone else, and it sets in. It’s not their true voice. It becomes a habit, then, a stuckness in the voice.Jaie Arianna Livingstone

The physics and physiology of singing is actually very precise; it’s trying to get our sympathetic, judging, human bodies to “do the physical thing and surrender the result” that is the challenge.  Undoing all those false habits, that’s what people come to the Embodied Singer to learn.

My unique approach to singing that includes the whole singer, the whole body, from the feet to the top of the head, from inside, out. The body, mind, and spirit all come together to make the sound, and if one of those is out of ‘tune’, then you’re likely to not like the resulting sound, or your voice.

I didn’t. I graduated from college and hated listening to recordings of my recitals, because what was coming out wasn’t what I knew to be me.  I pursued my own healing, my own process of finding my voice through counseling, SpiritSong circles, Reiki, and Access Consciousness, to peel away the layers of wounding and programming that was hiding my real truth.  I’ve combined all that learning into a practice to help other singers do the same, so that they can bring their full self forward, and express the truth of who they are.

 My wife has been taking voice with Jaie for 4 months.  I don’t sing in services anymore because when I’m standing next to her, I love listening to her sing! – Michael Bucierka

Now, I can’t stop listening. The Holiday show I directed and performed in?  I listened to the DVD a half-dozen times.  I hear good technique. I hear a free voice, a clear instrument bringing through the songs.  I love it.  You can, too.

What is an Embodied Singer?

It’s a singer who is so present in the moment, you can’t help but feel everything they’re expressing as you watch them perform.  Etta James. Barbara Streisand. Chloe. Singers who make you forget that they are anything but the song.

They are whole people, they are a joy to work with because they are performing to share their joy and gifts.  They have faced their demons, surrendered their stories, and are here to sing.

If you feel a pull to go deeper into your voice practice, I hope that you’ll contact me to schedule a free consultation.  We can work in person or over Skype.  Isn’t technology great?  Schedule weekly sessions, or, if you’re preparing for an audition or have specific questions, book a single 90 minute V.I.P. session.  How does it get any better?

Are you a director, conductor, or manager?

Do you have a group that you know could sound better if only you had a vocal expert to give them some tips?  We can customize a workshop to help bring your choir, chorus, or cast to the next level!

Call today!  360-460-1534


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