Keen and Wail

Music has been part of humanity for decades. For centuries. For millennia. The voice is our power, it is the mirror of the power of creation. “In the beginning was the word.”  Begun from thought, it is what causes creation. If you stay silent, your thought can not manifest.

In times like these, with a major city breathing a sign of relief after an insane attack on a beloved event, we need to use our voices. Our voices can heal us. We must use them.

“But I don’t feel like singing!” I have heard many of my clients protest.

What if you let yourself sing exactly what you feel? No words, no “notes”. Just sound.  UGH. Aaah. Moan. Wail. Keen. In old times, women would gather and keen together after the death of a loved one. What has happened to that beautiful coming together?  We have been silenced. Our physical expression of grief relegated to mere words and ‘talk therapy’ which does little to help.

If you feel helpless, make sound. Sound is a great release of energy that has no where to go, and it usually doesn’t hurt anyone. Go in the bathroom, turn up the music, turn on the shower, and moan, keen, wail. Get that emotional energy out of your body safely with sound.  Maybe even gather some friends to have a wail in!

When I was separated from my husband, I was in deep grief. I also had the benefit, if you will, of conducting a choir.  I chose the Hashivenu, a haunting, wistful Jewish song remembering how times used to be.  The one time we invited a member of our sister Jewish community to come, we are singing this song.  She asked me why I would choose such a song of grief. I had the outlet available to me of a full choir of 16 voices to sing my grief at losing the dream that my life had been.  And it helped me to move forward.

Sing the sad songs. Sing until the tears stream down your face. And then you will be washed clean, and that wave of grief released.   You will feel better, I promise. And you will not be holding on to the fear, the grief, the sorrow. That will make you free.

Blessings and Love,

Jaie Arianna Livingstone


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