Vocal Mastery Program 2013

I know alot of you would like to take voice lessons. We’ve talked many times, but it always comes down to “I can’t afford it.”  And you know what, I hear you.  You’re short on cash.  I also hear that you think you don’t have time.  You know what? If you have 90 minutes a month and 15 minutes a day, you can learn to sing better.

That’s why I created the Vocal Mastery Program, a 3 month group experience to give you the tools to master your body as your instrument. To gracefully change the habits you use to sing, so that you’ll love the way you’ll sound.

When I hear a young woman whose voice gives out at the C an octave above the middle, I think, “oh, if only they knew how easy it was to fix that!” When I hear someone catch breathing constantly, I think, ‘just engage your body’!  It hurts me to hear so many people who love to sing missing out on so many simple techniques that would help them enjoy their singing so much more!  And the professionals who are risking their careers?  Oh, no!

The Vocal Mastery Program is for you if you would like to:

  • increase your range
  • be more in tune
  • build better breath support
  • have a smoother tone
  • protect your voice from hoarseness, fatigue, or worse, nodes

This series of monthly workshops will get you rooted into a way of singing that you’ll love – your unique voice – with proper, healthy vocal techniques so that you can sing for your whole life.

“you’re developing a real performing voice.”
– choir director to an adult student after 10 months of study

In addition to the in-person workshops, you will also receive:

  • helpful reminder emails
  • connection through Facebook and Twitter
  • downloadable mp3s for practicing
  • and…

the EXCLUSIVE opportunity to schedule “one-shot” individual voice sessions with me for only $49!!  Have an audition, performance, or big karaoke night coming up and want just one private session?  Got a little extra money this month and choose to spend it on you?  Want to learn how to sing that choral part exactly right?  You GOT it. Everyone else has to schedule at least one month at a time – and that’s $200!!

What’s more, there is a good chance that this is the only time I will ever offer this same program for this price.  And if you’re interested in joining me in September for the “Journey Through Song” Musical Review, you will definitely want to have these basics down before the selection process begins.

“my middle school choir teacher told me I was tone deaf.  I keep wanting to call him up and say, ‘Listen to this!'”
– High school student who is now in Select Choir after 6 months of study

I’ve teamed up with the wonderful guys at Joyful Noise Music Center to offer this class at a great rate.
Click to Register Now!

You’ll get all my proven vocal exercises that I’ve learned and developed over my 30 years of training.  You’ll have the chance to sing for an audience of your fellow students and get the butterflies flying in formation as you receive gentle, personalized coaching. It’s an opportunity you definitely can’t afford to miss!

At the end of the 3 month period you will:

  • be able to sing longer phrases
  • have a rounder, clearer tone
  • improve your pitch accuracy
  • increase your singable range by at least a whole step* (results will vary)
  • receive compliments on your voice
  • feel great about your singing

As I said before, private sessions with me cost $197 per month.  This program is three months… if you were to take privately with me, that is nearly $600!  I know from talking to many of you that you’d love to study with me, but it’s just not in the budget right now.  That’s why I created Vocal Mastery – JUST FOR YOU!  And you know what, I realized that I’m practically giving this program away.  It’s an amazing deal. And you know what, it gets even better.  Get the whole package, receive the emails, reports, and mp3s, and exclusive access to me right now for only $97! But hurry!  This advance registration special ends Friday, April 5!
THE FIRST NEW CLIENT* to register ONLINE also receives a full private coaching with me ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Please register online in advance securely here:

Or call me at 360-460-1534 to register the ‘old fashioned way’.  Questions?  Not sure? Call Today!

There are two sections coming up:

Second Mondays, starting April 8 at 6:30pm
Second Fridays, starting May 10 at noon

Classes will be held at Joyful Noise Music Center, 112 West Washington Street, Sequim.  Parking is in the rear, behind Heather Creek Home.

I hope you’ll share this with your friends and fellow singers, too.  This is a great opportunity and is not to be missed!


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